Let’s Settle This! Between Poco Lee And Kaffy, Who Is A Better Dancer?

Social media has been buzzing ever since Guinness World record holder Kaffy, insulted the dance of the just released suspected yahoo boys supporter, Naira Marley.

The iconic dancer took to her Instagram to give her own take on recent dance SOAPY, released by Naira Marley. (READ HERE)

Kaffy showed disappointment in the dance and accused Marley of encouraging public masturbation which is by far immoral according to Nigeria dance standards.

Well, the ‘Soapy’ crooner didn’t find this appealing in any ways and had to give Kaffy an uppercut in his reply.

He also took to his Instagram live and said:-

“You can’t dance, I am not even sure you are a boy, or a girl……………….we no dy use you again……you no see Poco Lee?……”

The Soapy singer compared the dance icon to Poco Lee. (READ HERE)

Poco lee is famous for the extraordinary energy he uses in dancing the legwork steps.

And this was how social media became reactive.

So what do you think,

Between Poco Lee And Kaffy, Who Is A Better Dancer?

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